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I love movies

The movies of my childhood like the gladiator online served as a springboard into my decision to pursue a life of telling stories. I decided to go to film school to learn the craft from the ground up, but initially, it was about just coasting along, attending classes, collecting data, and building my knowledge base.

I think that it was the shift in perspective that threw me off balance in the beginning. I went from watching movies to enjoy the plot of the story and to identify with characters, to the analysis of film itself. The considerations for telling a story or making a point through film are innumerable. The genre, medium, lighting, point-of-view, angles, and editing are just a few of the variables that factor in to a finished product.


I have never been physically outside of my hometown of Stockholm, but movies provide a way to venture beyond such boundaries. I grew up watching the Star Wars and Alien series, and never really stepped far from those kinds of stories.

Star Wars

The Star Wars saga was a classic story set in a galaxy far, far away. The Alien movies were very creative. The way that Alien vs. Predator brought together two separate existing story lines was definitely an out-of-box concept.


Movies are where the stories and archetypes of the ancient world come together with modern technology. Science fiction and fantasy films are the best because they express the known world while embracing the unknown, and reconcile the two in an awesome future for humanity.

Super heroes

Superheroes will always play a role somewhere in there.

Success at school changed for me when I discovered my interest in and talent for fantasy horror short film. Now that I have a passionate outlet for my creativity, the sky and my imagination are my only limitations, especially in this genre. I expect my craft to take me all over the world in the future.

When I am not analyzing film for what does and does not work, I am hanging out with friends or trying my luck at the BGO online casino.

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